• Moxy.io and Stainless Games have partnered up to bring Shock Rods on the Moxy platform, offering gamers an immersive esports experience.
• The Moxy platform aims to provide a seamless gaming journey with its state-of-the-art technology and robust features.
• The play-and-earn style of the platform is different from the traditional play-to-earn style as it focuses on providing an enjoyable gaming experience while also rewarding players financially.

Moxy and Stainless Games Join Forces

Moxy and Stainless Games have joined forces to release Shock Rods on the Moxy platform for an immersive esports gamer experience. Initially released in 2019, Shock Rods is a 6v6 arena shooter game that offers a 6v6 team match or 12-man free-for-all game style. Through Moxy’s esports enabled platform, fans of Shock Rods can join thrilling matches and win real world rewards for their expertise.

Moxy Platform Features

The Moxy platform utilizes Blockchain technology to provide gamers with on demand eSports gaming opportunities globally. It is the first to offer such services with its unique play-and earn style which focuses both on providing an exciting gaming experience as well as rewarding players financially. With its state of the art technology and robust features, this platform promises a seamless and exhilarating gaming journey for all users.

Stainless Games‘ Aim

The addition of Shock Rods to Moxy’s platform is in line with both companies‘ commitment to offering gamers an extraordinary experience while competing against other gaming enthusiasts from around the world. As video game developer based on Isle of Wight, Stainless Games specializes in developing downloadable games for companies like Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch etc., so they understand what gamers look for when it comes to experiencing quality games and gaining great rewards from them too.

CEO Matt deFouw’s Statement

The CEO of Moxy Matt deFouw said: “Moxy is thrilled to partner with Stainless Games to bring Shock Rods to our platform Our goal is to provide gamers with a world class esports gaming experience, and Shock Rods is the perfect addition to our growing list of games.“


Through this partnership between Moxy and Stainless Games, eSports enthusiasts are sure get great value through playing games like Shocks Rods within the Esports industry due its playand earn concept making it convenient for everyone involved while also ensuring that they get rewarded accordingly at the end too!