• The Shiba Inu community is debating the origin of the Shibarium code, claiming it resembles the Rinia blockchain.
• Drama broke out in the Shiba Inu Discord channel when one of its members suggested that Shibarium copied the code from the 917 Rinia Testnet chain.
• This has caused a significant price drop for SHIB and doubts about the individuals running multi-sig wallets.

Accusations Against Shibarium Developers

The Shiba Inu community is accusing Shibarium developers of copying blockchain code from a similar project called Rinia. On March 16th, a member on their Discord channel claimed that they had used a similar code to 917 Rinia Testnet chain without changing its Chain ID. This revelation has caused doubts among community members and resulted in a significant price drop for SHIB.

Multi-Sig Wallet Controversy

Questions have been raised about who runs the multi-sig wallet and how exclusive it is to its operations. Some people are doubting whether nine unique individuals are running it or not. These accusations have become awkward for Shibarium since its public beta test was supposed to provide solutions to this project.

Reactions by Community Members

The reactions from other people in the Shiba Inu Discord were mixed, with some saying that there were manipulations going on by Shytoshi, the lead developer of Shibarium. Images of posts from this channel circulated through Twitter showing an escalation in discussions regarding these accusations and revelations.

Price Drop of SHIB

These developments have resulted in a significant price drop for SHIB due to investors losing confidence in this cryptocurrency’s future success and stability due to potential plagiarism issues at hand. This could further lead to more losses if no solutions are found soon enough as many traders look away from investing in it until then.


The accusations made against Shibarium developers have put this project into jeopardy as more people start questioning its authenticity and reliability following claims that they copied codes from other projects without changing their Chain ID’s appropriately enough which could result in further losses if not addressed soon enough as investors will continue looking away until then.