• SENATOR is leveraging Ardor blockchain for urban planning policies to design sustainable last-mile operations.
• The Smart Network Operator Platform enables Shared, Integrated and more Sustainable Urban Freight Logistics.
• SENATOR is collaborating with Ardor and Jelurida on the project with two cities, Zaragoza in Spain and Dublin in Ireland, chosen as testing locations.

SENATOR Leverages Ardor Blockchain For Urban Planning

The Smart Network Operator Platform enabling Shared, Integrated and more Sustainable Urban Freight Logistics (SENATOR) is leveraging the Ardor, a blockchain, for urban planning policies to design sustainable last-mile operations latest reports on July 20 shows. Coordinated by Correos, an international consortium is managing the affairs of the SENATOR project focusing on optimizing freight delivery services in urban areas.

Objective of SENATOR

The main objective of SENATOR is to create a smart network operator integrated with an advanced urban freight logistics system that reduces the distance and number of freight delivery routes within cities while enhancing real-time information gathering, planning and predictions for critical sections of its operation. To achieve this objective a digital identity solution known as SENATOR ID will be incorporated catering to individual users and entities including internet-of-things (IoT) objects and vehicles allowing it to address various present and future use cases and challenges thus enhancing its adaptability and utility.

Real World Application Tested In Two Cities

The project’s real-world application is scheduled for testing in two cities: Zaragoza in Spain and Dublin in Ireland where Urban Living Labs offer suitable testing environments for SENATORS approach. Users will access the platform through a user-friendly application while third party platforms will be able to utilize its solutions through native API encouraging greater adoption & integration.

Collaboration With Ardor & Jelurida

SENATORS collaboration with Ardor blockchain & Jelurida (the blockchain development company responsible for Ardor) enables its innovative functionalities as Ardor provides security & functionality required by child chains or interoperable child chain creating a parent-chain architecture thus allowing improved scalability & flexibility while operating at lower cost within these cities due to enhanced data transfer speed between devices/objects over different networks faster than ever before!


Overall this project aims at improving sustainability & security of last mile operations within cities by reducing distances between delivery routes using decentralized platform that leverages advances features from both Jelurida’s blockchain technology & Correos’ expertise making it possible to test out real world applications within two chosen cities thereby encouraging broader adoption & integration across industries!