JPMorgan met en garde contre l’effondrement de la dynamique du bitcoin

La plus grande banque américaine affirme que la baisse de régime du bitcoin pourrait contrecarrer ses futurs rebonds.

Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, stratège chez JPMorgan, estime que le rallye du bitcoin pourrait toucher à sa fin en raison de la baisse de régime de la crypto-monnaie, rapporte Bloomberg.

60 000 $ est le niveau clé

M. Panigirtzoglou est convaincu que 60 000 dollars est désormais le seuil à ne pas dépasser pour les partisans du bitcoin.

La pièce phare a grimpé à près de 65 000 dollars le 14 avril, jour de la cotation directe de Coinbase, avant de connaître une chute spectaculaire à 51 000 dollars le 18 avril. Près de 10 milliards de dollars de crypto-monnaies à terme ont été liquidés lors du crash de dimanche.

Le stratège en chef de JPMorgan s’attend à ce que les signaux de momentum connaissent une baisse de plusieurs mois après l’effondrement massif:

Au cours des derniers jours, les marchés à terme du bitcoin ont connu une liquidation brutale similaire à celle de la mi-février dernier, de la mi-janvier dernier ou de la fin novembre dernier. Les signaux de momentum vont naturellement décroître pendant plusieurs mois, étant donné leur niveau encore élevé.

Baisse des flux vers le bitcoin

Alors que le bitcoin a réussi à rebondir rapidement après des corrections similaires survenues au cours des derniers mois, M. Panigirtzoglou ne pense pas que ce sera le cas cette fois-ci en raison de la baisse des flux institutionnels:

Il reste à voir si nous assisterons à une répétition de ces épisodes précédents dans la conjoncture actuelle.

5 DeFi protocols that could perform an airdrop soon

There are more and more decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols that could create their token and distribute it via an airdrop to their first users. Overview of 5 of them, at the dawn of the arrival of Layer 2 on Ethereum.

A trendy practice with decentralized finance

A few weeks ago, the Bankless site had fun listing the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols that could issue their governance tokens via an airdrop to their first users. With the craze for decentralized finance, this practice has become commonplace: PoolTogether, Uniswap, 1inch, Pangolin, Mirror… We can no longer count the projects passed through this solution .

So what is an airdrop? When creating a governance token for a protocol, this involves distributing it to the first users of the latter. A practice popularized with Bitcoin Code and its release from UNI last September. Remember, the flagship DEX of decentralized finance on Ethereum had distributed 400 tokens to all of its users ($ 1,200 then, $ 11,200 today). A gift that we would like to receive every day!

In fact, some other protocols could be added to this long list. These are only hypotheses, but the signals sent by the protocols, or their future economic models, suggest that a token could be created soon. And potentially distributed to users.

Overview of the 5 protocols that could perform an airdrop soon

1 – Paraswap

Uniswap, 1inch,… All these names have one thing in common: they are DEX, decentralized exchangers. And all of them have their token, mostly distributed by airdrop. Except Paraswap , which does not yet have a token for its protocol. So go do some trades on In addition to optimizing your gas costs, you could benefit from a potential airdrop in the coming months!

2 – Dy / Dx

dYdX is one of the leading decentralized margin trading protocols dedicated to the Ethereum ecosystem. Last August, on the Bankless site, its creator mentioned the possibility of creating a token for his protocol. Could it be distributed to the first users of the platform? It might be a good idea to make a trade or two on dYdX, to claim potential airdrop in the future.

3 – Zapper

Like Zerion, Zapper is one of DeFi’s first dashboard services. This platform facilitates your entry into the world of decentralized finance and offers turnkey farming solutions. On CryptoMatrix live a few weeks ago, its founder did not rule out the upcoming creation of a token… The next time a farming solution catches your eye, go to Zapper first!

4 – Silver

Money is an Ethereum smart wallet that allows you to participate in a simple and secure way in various activities within decentralized finance. For example, it allows access to Uniswap’s services, to staker its ETH, or to provide liquidity to Compound. Argent could decide to promote the growth of the project by offering a governance token to its first users.

5 – SuperRare

SuperRare is the main crypto art market on Ethereum. In recent months, the NFT universe has experienced a strong enthusiasm which should increase in the months to come. The founders of SuperRare want the platform to be fully owned and managed by its community. It is therefore very likely that a token will be created for the occasion. And who knows, maybe it will be distributed to the first users …

Bitcoin bull is frustrated by $34,000 resistance as Altcoins rally continues

A handful of altcoins made double-digit gains, while the Bitcoin Rally relief was interrupted by resistance at $34,000.

Bitcoin bulls are frustrated by $34,000 resistance while Altcoin rally continues MARKET

The fall of the Bitcoin (BTC) to under $30,000 was short-lived as the largest cryptomeda found a new wave of support, including a $10 million ‚buy the dive‘ moment from MicroStrategy.

Data from Cointelegraph Markets and TradingView show that strong inflows helped raise BTC 4.92% to a daily high of $33,866.

With the prospect of the Biden government approving huge stimulus packages to help get the U.S. economy back on track, talks of Bitcoin becoming a reserve currency are beginning to emerge again.

While the recent Bitcoin volatility has made some analysts claim that the BTC is a cyclical asset rather than a hedge, recent price movements have caught the attention of retail investors who have shown a renewed interest in crypto currency in general.

Daily performance of the cryptomotic market. Source: Coin360
Even the Bank of International Settlements has recognised that digital coins can be used and the organisation has outlined plans to launch a variety of central bank digital currency tests this year.

Now that Bitcoin’s fear index has changed from „extreme greed“ to „fear,“ some investors seem to be following Warren Buffet’s advice to „buy when there is blood in the streets.

Institutional investors are worried about future regulation
According to Chad Steinglass, CrossTower’s chief negotiator, the Bitcoin correction may have been triggered initially by critical comments from US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

Prior to Yellen’s comments, Bitcoin was undergoing a „post-fix consolidation“ and „ranged from $34,000 to $38,000“ with traders „waiting to see which side of the variation would be challenged or broken.

4 hour BTC/USDT chart. Source: TradingView
Steinglass also explained that the next steps of Bitcoin will be determined by the actions of institutional investors. He said:

„US$31,000 was a strong support, so at least not everyone is selling. We will have to wait and see if that support remains or if the institutions continue to accumulate. If they do, the trend is likely to re-establish and continue. If they walk away waiting for further regulatory guidance, their lack of purchasing flow will be deeply felt. ”

Altcoins recover
Many of the major altcoins have also recovered well from this week’s correction. Polkadot (DOT) rose 7.09% to a daily high of $18, while Chainlink (LINK) posted a double-digit gain and reached the top at $22.31. Tezos (XTZ) also saw an increase in interest, which boosted altcoin by 15% to US$3.36.

The overall market capitalisation of the cryptomino market is now at US$949.8 billion and the Bitcoin dominance rate is 64.4%.

Polkadot passes Bitcoin Cash as the 6th largest cryptosystem

Polkadot passes Bitcoin Cash as the 6th largest cryptosystem

  • Polkadot has reached the Top 6 in crypto market capitalisation in less than a year.
  • Bitcoin Cash is still plagued by divisions within its ranks.
  • Even the rapid rise of Bitcoin and Ethereum has failed to raise the market price of BCH.

Polkadot and its cryptomony, the DOT, has surpassed Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as the sixth largest cryptomony by market capitalisation.

According to CoinGecko, a market capitalization aggregator of cryptography, Polkadot has a market capitalization of $7.63 billion. It now ranks sixth in terms of market capitalization, compared to Cryptosoft market capitalization of $6.35 billion. What was very impressive was the short time it took Polkadot to reach this level. The crypto project is less than a year old.

As Polkadot reached this milestone, co-founder Gavin Wood published a new roadmap for the New Year. Wood has also included a variety of statistics on the network’s growth and successes. More than 200 projects were funded through DOT grant programs and the DOT Treasury. More than one billion DOTs representing 63% of the token’s circulating supply is staked on the network.

What is Polkadot?

Many smart contracting platforms aim to one day become an „Ethereum Killer“. But Polkadot takes a different approach. The project has surpassed all of Ethereum’s other competitors in terms of total market capitalisation, including major players such as Cardano and EOS. This is not because the platform intends to compete with Ethereum. Instead, Polkadot wants to act as a bridge between the platform where Ethereum applications and assets can be „wrapped“ in the Polkadot ecosystem for faster and cheaper functionality.

Polkadot intends to act as a layer two scaling solution for the smart contract ecosystem. So far, Polkadot only interacts with Ethereum applications and assets, but plans to extend and integrate other blockchain platforms.

BCH continues to collapse

It has been a difficult few years for Bitcoin Cash. It recently came out of its lowest price ever. However, there hasn’t been much optimism around the currency. In November, Bitcoin Cash went through another difficult fork that split the chain into two distinct and unique chains. Still claimed to be „real“ Bitcoin by many of its supporters, this hard fork represented yet another rift in the community.

Usually, especially in the cryptomoney space, a rising tide such as the rise in the BTC price causes all other digital currencies to rise. But in the case of BCH, it seems that the crypto community and investors at large are unaware of this. Meanwhile, other projects such as Ethereum are growing by more than 500% over the year and reaching high prices over several years. It is difficult to say whether Polkadot’s sixth place represents the success of DOT or the failure of BCH.

Mehr Kaufslots voraus, auch wenn Bitcoin Rekordhoch erreicht: Analyst

Bitcoin ist nach seinem wilden Anstieg über $37.500 an diesem Donnerstag zu teuer zum Kaufen geworden.

Aber die Kryptowährung bietet immer noch attraktive Kaufgelegenheiten mit geringerem Risikoprofil.

Die Anlageberater von TradingShot haben einen fraktal-basierten Ausblick auf die vorherige parabolische Bewegung von Bitcoin im Jahr 2017 und die Preiskorrekturen, die während dieses Zeitraums auftraten, erstellt. Sie entdeckten Kaufmuster um bestimmte technische Unterstützungsniveaus – die durch eine Gruppe von gleitenden Durchschnittswellen gebildet wurden – die die Preise nach jedem erneuten Test auf neue Höchststände schickten.

Bitcoin Fraktale

Rückblickend korrigierte Bitcoin Loophole während seines Bullenlaufs im Jahr 2017 vier Mal um 30 Prozent, drei Mal um 20 Prozent, zwei Mal um 18 Prozent und ein Mal um 40 Prozent. In der Zwischenzeit nahm die Kryptowährung ihren Aufwärtstrend dreimal wieder auf, nachdem sie ihren gleitenden 100-Tage-Durchschnitt getestet hatte und zweimal, nachdem sie den gleitenden 50-Tage-Durchschnitt erreicht hatte.

Bitcoins Bullenlauf im Jahr 2017 zeigte eine Abfolge von Aufwärtsbewegungen und Pullbacks.

Die Strategen von TradingSpot haben den Bullenlauf von 2017 mit dem aktuellen verglichen, da sie eine exponentielle Skala in Bezug auf Volatilität und Preisrenditen aufweisen. Genau wie im Jahr 2017 erlebte Bitcoin zwischen März 2020 und dem laufenden Monat einen Anstieg von bis zu 880 Prozent in Wert und Marktkapitalisierung. Und zuletzt nahm die Kryptowährung ihren Aufwärtstrend wieder auf, nachdem sie von ihrem damaligen Rekordhoch über 34.800 $ um 20 Prozent gefallen war.
Reloads und Freispiele sind jeden Tag für jeden Spieler im mBitcasino Crypto Autumn Bonanza verfügbar! Spielen Sie jetzt!

Am 7. Januar hatte der BTC/USD-Kurs ein neues Rekordhoch von $37.823 erreicht.

„Es sollte [nicht] überraschen, dass [Händler] den 20-prozentigen Pullback gekauft haben“, hieß es in einer Notiz von TradingShot. „Basierend auf dem vorherigen Zyklus waren die Chancen dafür gut.“

Buy the Dip

Die Analyse erklärte weiter, dass Händler könnten sich darauf vorbereiten, Bitcoin zu kaufen, auch wenn sein Preis korrigiert sich um 30 Prozent von den aktuellen Ebenen. Eine solche Bewegung würde die Kryptowährung am 50-DMA landen. In der Zwischenzeit würde ein 40-prozentiger Kurssturz BTC/USD den 100-DMA testen lassen.

„Dies soll nur zeigen, [dass] wenn Sie ein Käufer sind, sollten Sie bei [Preiseinbrüchen] nicht in Panik geraten und die Gelassenheit haben, sie zu kaufen,“ erinnerte die Notiz.

Der bullische Ausblick tauchte auch auf, als institutionelle Investoren ihr Engagement auf dem Bitcoin-Markt erhöhten. Daten, die von CryptoQuant, einer Blockchain-Analyseplattform, abgefragt wurden, zeigten, dass Mainstream-Investoren die Kryptowährung am 2. Januar für bis zu 30.000 $ kauften, was auf eine langfristige Tendenz nach oben hindeutet.

Der Bitcoin-Abfluss von Coinbase Pro zu OTC-Wallets ist diese Woche stark angestiegen.

„Der Coinbase-Abfluss am 2. Januar war ein Allzeithoch“, sagte CryptoQuant-CEO Ki-Young Ju. „Es scheint, dass Institutionen $BTC gekauft haben, als der Preis über 30k lag. Der Bitcoin-Bullenmarkt ist noch nicht vorbei.“

In der Zwischenzeit stellte er auch fest, dass der gesamte Stablecoin-Zufluss über alle Börsen in dieser Woche gestiegen ist, was darauf hindeutet, dass Händler die an den Dollar gebundenen Token verwenden könnten, um mehr Kryptowährungen zu kaufen.

Dennis Gartman: „Bitcoin ist das Gold der Millennials“ und sollte „weiseren oder mutigen“ Menschen überlassen werden

„Der Markt kann länger unlogisch bleiben als Sie oder ich. Und im Moment scheint mir Bitcoin völlig unlogisch zu sein “, sagt Gartman.

Dennis Gartman bleibt ein Goldbulle ohne Interesse an Bitcoin Rush, obwohl dieser die Performance der gelben Metalle deutlich übertrifft. Trotz des Rückgangs von Bullion seit dem Erreichen seines Allzeithochs im August bei 2.075 US-Dollar glaubt Gartman:

„Du musst in Gold bleiben. Ich denke, das steht außer Frage. “

Der Vorsitzende des Endowment Investment Fund der University of Akron weiß zwar, dass der traditionelle Safe-Haven-Vermögenswert „Konkurrenz von Bitcoin“ bekommt, aber laut ihm wird der digitale Vermögenswert „irgendwann verschwinden“. Er fügte hinzu,

„Vielleicht ist es nur das Alter von meiner Seite, am Goldmarkt teilnehmen zu wollen.“

Gartman glaubt nicht an das unendliche Angebot des Krypto-Assets, das den Preis von Bitcoin in die Höhe treibt, weil „es siebentausend verschiedene Kryptowährungen gibt. Es gibt unendlich viele endliche Währungsbeträge. “

Als solches glaubt er, dass all der Spaß und die Begeisterung für Bitcoin und Kryptowährungen irgendwann verschwinden werden. Nicht sofort, aber vielleicht in zwei bis vier Jahrzehnten. Gartman sagte:

„Vielleicht bin ich nur ein alter Mann mit einem Sinn für Geschichte. Vielleicht werde ich mich irren. Vielleicht wird Bitcoin zur Währung der Zukunft. Wenn ja, soll es das ohne mich tun. “

BTC ist „absolut unlogisch“

Da alle Zentralbanken auf der ganzen Welt koordiniert arbeiten, von der US-Notenbank, der EZB, der Bank of Canada bis zur Volksbank von China und der russischen Zentralbank, „wird dies die Goldpreise in die Höhe treiben“, unabhängig davon, ob es sich um Dollar handelt , Euro, Yen oder Renminbi, sagte er.

„Ich denke, Gold wird auf der ganzen Linie zu einem langen Preis stärker“, sagte Gartman am Dienstag gegenüber Bloomberg.

In Bezug auf die Gleichwertigkeit von Bitcoin mit Gold glaubt Gartman dies nicht, da es das Edelmetall seit Tausenden von Jahren gibt und Bitcoin erst seit etwas mehr als einem Jahrzehnt. Er sagte,

„Bitcoin ist das Gold der Millennials. Ich verstehe das. Ich verstehe das. Ich werde Bitcoin nie verstehen, wenn ich es für 10.000, 15.000, 20.000 Dollar kaufen kann. Ich sollte das Leuten überlassen, die klüger oder klüger oder mutiger sind als ich. “

Bitcoin is the best economic stimulus

With the arrival of a new stimulus package in the United States, Changpeng Zhao notes that Bitcoin is a better economic stimulus.

Recently, it was announced that a bipartisan agreement in the U.S. Congress will lead to the launch of a new $900 billion stimulus package. This will allow millions of American citizens and businesses to receive new support in the midst of the crisis generated by COVID-19. However, for Changpeng Zhao in today’s Tweet it is clear that Bitcoin System review is the best economic stimulus:

Bitcoin fell after hitting record highs over the weekend

If Bitcoin were the stimulus

Without a doubt, the pandemic generated by COVID-19 has been the greatest economic catastrophe of recent times worldwide. In addition to the hundreds of thousands of deaths generated by the disease, we must add the worst recession since the 1929 crash, millions of unemployed and thousands of companies closing their doors.

There is no doubt then why governments have tried by all means to support their population economically. By creating multi-million dollar stimulus plans with which to avoid a humanitarian crisis that would add to the already terrible economic crisis. An effort of which the latest $900 billion package approved in the United States is part.

The growth in its price makes Bitcoin the best stimulus. Source: CoindeskPrice growth makes Bitcoin the best stimulus.

Despite this, many within the crypto community have noted the flaws in these plans. Especially, a Twitter account called @BitcoinStimulus, which is in charge of keeping track of the $1,200 worth of stimuli given to each US citizen a few months ago, if that amount had been delivered to Bitcoin. This is an incredible $4,285, equivalent to a 257% increase. This was noted by Changpeng Zhao on his Twitter:

„Having #Bitcoin gives you more than a boost. It’s not investment advice, just what’s happened so far.

This comparison serves to show the progress Bitcoin has made over the past few months. And that they’ve allowed crypto-currency to generate yields far superior to those of virtually any financial asset.

dApps vertegenwoordigen bijna 90%

dApps vertegenwoordigen bijna 90% van de transacties van Ethereum

De populariteit van DeFi dApps explodeerde dit jaar met 30 keer meer applicaties die in 2019 werden gelanceerd in vergelijking met 2020.

  • Volgens DappRadar vertegenwoordigen de top 10 daApps 87% van het transactievolume van Ethereum.
  • Gedecentraliseerde toepassingen en gedecentraliseerde financiering worden mogelijk gemaakt door het gebruik van gedistribueerde registertechnologie.
  • Het Trustproject is een internationaal consortium van media-organisaties op basis van transparantienormen.
  • Volgens een rapport van is de populariteit van decentrale toepassingen dit jaar geëxplodeerd.

Het nieuwe rapport over decentrale toepassingen, of dApps, presenteert spannend nieuws over Ethereum en de decentrale toepassingen. Volgens het rapport, getiteld „2020 Dapp Industry Report“, zijn decentrale toepassingen in populariteit geëxplodeerd. Het rapport stelt dat in 2020, „de top 10 DeFi dapps verantwoordelijk zijn voor 87% a Crypto Bull van de transactievolumes van Ethereum, oftewel 243 miljard dollar in 2020“.

Naast dit duizelingwekkende bedrag laat DappRadar de gebruikers zien dat „95% van de groei van het transactievolume tot Ethereum’s Dapps behoort“. In het rapport staat dat DeFiK heeft geleid tot een decentrale groei van het aantal aanvragen in 2020. DeFi is nu de „dominante sector op het gebied van belangrijke parameters zoals TVL (total locked-in value), AUW en volume“.

Dapps en DeFi blijven groeien

Dit jaar belooft veel goeds voor Dapps en DeFi. Aan het begin van het jaar vertegenwoordigde Dapps DeFi minder dan 1 miljard dollar aan totale locked-in waarde. Dat aantal groeide tot 16,5 miljard dollar in minder dan 12 maanden. Vóór 2020 waren er weinig bruikbare gedecentraliseerde financieringsaanvragen. De meeste van deze waren zeer veelbelovend, maar slechts een kleine basis maakte er gebruik van. Dit veranderde doordat decentrale leenplatforms zoals Maker, Compound en Aave, en decentrale uitwisselingen zoals Uniswap, in een stroomversnelling raakten.

Nu, bijna een jaar nadat DeFi de aandacht van het grote publiek trok, ziet het hele landschap achter dApps er anders uit. Vergeleken met DapRadar’s industrieoverzicht voor 2020 is het aantal nieuwe dApps explosief gestegen. In 2019 ontstonden slechts acht nieuwe apps in het hele blokketen-ecosysteem. In 2020 hebben projecten 238 nieuwe dApps gecreëerd. Hiervan bestaan er 106 op het Ethereum-netwerk. Het is interessant om op te merken dat het percentage dApps dat op Ethereum is gebouwd niet radicaal is veranderd (50% van de dApps waren op Etheruem in 2019 en 45% in 2020). Het volume is echter geëxplodeerd. Het steeg met bijna 30 keer het bedrag van het ene jaar op het andere.

Wat zijn decentrale toepassingen? Wat is decentrale financiering?

Decentralisatie is een van de fundamenten van de blokketentechnologie. De technologie benadrukt de gedistribueerde controle van iets (een netwerk, een applicatie, etc.) over de enkele (gecentraliseerde) controle en besluitvorming door een enkele entiteit. Door de decentralisatie hebben gebruikers en belanghebbenden de beslissingsbevoegdheid van een netwerk in handen. Gedecentraliseerde toepassingen zijn toepassingen zonder één enkel storings- en controlepunt. Gedecentraliseerde financiering omvat een subset van dappers die gebruikers in staat stellen om financiële transacties uit te voeren zonder gebruik te maken van een gecentraliseerd platform.

De groeiende populariteit van DeFi’s Dapps is een gevolg van de aanhoudende financiële en economische onzekerheid in de wereld. In veel gevallen zien gebruikers ook dat ze veel meer rendement kunnen genereren door deze dApps te gebruiken in plaats van de traditionele financiële applicaties.

First Mover: Short Shrift for XRP Token sin prisstigning på 169% når handelsmenn obsesserer over Bitcoin

Bitcoin var høyere, i et ubesluttsomt marked som svingte mellom rundt $ 18,300 og $ 19,300. Prisene har ikke klart å skyve høyere etter å ha steget til en ny heltid på $ 19 920 tidligere denne uken.

„Forvent ytterligere kortsiktig volatilitet,“ sa Katie Stockton, teknisk analytiker for Fairlead Strategies, til CoinDesk’s Daniel Cawrey.

I tradisjonelle markeder gled europeiske aksjer og amerikanske aksjeterminer pekte på en lavere åpning da lovgivere diskuterte nye økonomiske stimulansetiltak og handelsmenn ventet på nye data om amerikansk jobbvekst i november. Gull styrket 0,7% til $ 1827 en unse.

Den ti år lange amerikanske breakeven rate, som representerer inflasjonsforventninger som antydet av obligasjonsmarkedene, steg til 1,81% på tirsdag, den høyeste siden juli 2019.

Markedet beveger seg

Da bitcoin dominerte overskriftene i november med et rally mot en heltidshøyde, hoppet en av de mest fremtredende alternative kryptovalutaene, XRP, stille 169% i løpet av måneden for å toppe resultatrangeringen blant digitale eiendeler i CoinDesk 20.

Flyttet forlot XRP, betalingstokenet som ble brukt i Ripples globale betalingsnettverk, opp 225% i 2020, mot den eldre og større bitcoins 165% gevinst. XRP har en markedsverdi på 21,4 milliarder dollar, en brøkdel av bitcoins omtrent 350 milliarder dollar.

Vanviddet kan være drevet av en truende luftdråpe av gratis „gnist“ -tegn til alle som har XRP, sa noen analytikere på det digitale markedet til CoinDesk i forrige måned.

Det er også muligheten for at førstegangs-kjøpere av kryptokurrency ikke er klar over at det er mulig å kjøpe en brøkdel av en bitcoin – delbar opp til åttende desimal – i stedet for et helt token. For nybegynnerinvestoren ser XRP, som for øyeblikket skifter hånd til 62,3 cent, mye billigere ut på et pristabell enn bitcoins $ 19,087.

„Ettersom det digitale aktivaområdet har opplevd fornyet interesse i andre halvdel av 2020, ser en ny bølge av investorer etter måter å få eksponering på,“ sa Brian Mosoff, administrerende direktør i det børsnoterte kanadiske investeringsfondet Ether Capital. „Ripple ser ut til å tilby eksponering i porteføljen sin, og et raskt Google-søk kan føre til at noen brukere tror XRP er billig og sannsynligvis vil bli et produkt bankene benytter til grenseoverskridende oppgjør.“

Stellar, et annet betalingstoken grunnlagt av Ripple-medstifter Jed McCaleb, var den nest beste utøveren i november blant CoinDesk 20, og fikk 153%. Det er en økning på 313% i løpet av året.

Til sammenligning økte bitcoin 40% i november mens eter, den opprinnelige kryptovalutaen til Ethereum blockchain, steg med 56%.

– Bradley Keoun

Token klokke

Ether (ETH): Priskorrelasjon med bitcoin holder seg sterk under siste rally.

Bitcoin (BTC): Larry Fink, administrerende direktør for pengestyringsgiganten BlackRock, forteller den tidligere Bank of England-guvernøren Mark Carney i Council on Foreign Relations at bitcoin har „fanget oppmerksomheten“ til mange mennesker og kan „utvikle seg“ til en global eiendel.

USD Coin (USDC): Center, overvåker standarder for dollarbasert stablecoin USDC, ansetter tidligere CLS, JPMorgan, State Street-sjef David Puth som første konsernsjef.

Hva er hot

  • Institusjonell bitcoinbutikk NYDIG samler inn $ 150 millioner for to kryptofond (CoinDesk)
  • Ikke så fort! CoinMarketCap sier at bitcoinprisene ennå ikke har toppet heltidens høyeste nivå basert på sine egne poster, til $ 20,089 i desember 2017 mot CoinDesk’s gamle $ 19,783 (og nå $ 19,920) ved hjelp av Bitcoin Price Index (CoinMarketCap)
  • Nesten 20% av PayPal-brukere har brukt app til å handle bitcoin, sier det japanske verdipapirfirmaet Mizuho (CoinDesk)
  • Russland sier at digital rubel kun er tillatt som betalingsmåte i landet, med lov om forbud mot bruk av kryptovalutaer for betaling som skal tre i kraft i januar (CoinDesk)
  • Blockchair-lederutvikler Zhavoronkov monterer kampanje for å stoppe Taproot-oppgradering på Bitcoin-nettverk (CoinDesk)
  • Libra Association ommerker seg til „Diem“ i et forsøk på å distansere seg fra Facebook-ledet stablecoin-push som førte til internasjonal regulering (CoinDesk)
  • Derivatplattform for kryptovaluta ErisX lanserer kontantoppgjorte kontrakter etter at fysisk avviklet futures faller flat (CoinDesk)
  • „Vi har bygget penger for en verden som er geografisk delt, men det er ikke ordet vi lever i lenger,“ skriver Ajit Tripathi i op-ed (CoinDesk Opinion)
  • BlockFi kunngjør lansering av bitcoinbelønningskortkort tidlig i 2021 (CoinDesk)
  • Den varmeste debatten på Wall Street handler om å kjøpe bitcoin eller gull (Bloomberg)
  • Australsk kryptobørs BTC Markets avslører ved et uhell personopplysninger om 270 000 brukere (CoinDesk)


Det siste om økonomi og tradisjonell økonomi

Den europeiske sentralbankens sjeføkonom ga private dovish forsikringer til Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Citigroup, UBS, Deutsche Bank, BlackRock etter at ECBs president Lagarde offentlig kom med kommentarer om det italienske obligasjonsmarkedet, økonomiens helse som ble sett på av investorer som hawkish (WSJ)

Bipartisan gruppe av amerikanske senatorer introduserer nytt stimulansforslag til en verdi av rundt 908 milliarder dollar (Washington Post)

I globale markeder forventer „alle allerede at alt skal være veldig fantastisk“, noe som betyr at optimismen allerede er priset, skriver spaltist James Mackintosh (WSJ)

Japan ønsker å tiltrekke seg utenlandsk talent i finanssektoren ved å kutte inn skatt (Nikkei Asia Review)

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Home stretch: Bitcoin only a few meters away from its all-time high

While the Bitcoin betting business is evidence of the hustle and bustle on the digital trading floor, the cops are not giving up the reins and are slowly but surely driving the Bitcoin price towards the all-time high. The market update.

With a 24-hour plus of 3.1 percent, the Bitcoin course seamlessly ties in with the rapid rally of the last few days

In the early hours of the morning it went below the 19,000 US dollar mark. Since then, however, the crypto reserve currency has turned up again and climbed to 19,044 US dollars at the time of going to press. In a 30-day comparison, Bitcoin has increased in value by over 46 percent.

Formally, the Bitcoin price is still a few meters away from its all-time high. Unofficially, however, the digital currency has already reached its milestone. With a market capitalization of currently 350 billion US dollars, the total value of all Bitcoin has already exceeded the peak value from the ATH era by 30 billion US dollars. The fact that the BTC exchange rate is still a bit behind the record high is solely due to the increase in supply since then. Almost two million more Bitcoin have been in circulation since then.

Bitcoin futures rush

If the Bitcoin price goes up, the futures business will pick up again. With a high range of fluctuation, there is not only a risk of loss, but also a high chance of profit. The Bitcoin exchange Binance is currently benefiting from this. Open interest, i.e. the potential trading volume of all outstanding futures contracts, cracked a new all-time high on November 24 at over US $ 1.2 billion.

With a 24-hour trading volume of over 11.4 billion US dollars, the Bitcoin exchange clearly sets itself apart from the competition in futures trading. Clearly behind, Huobi ranks second with over 8.6 billion US dollars, and OKEx , the most recently confusing exchange, ranks third with almost 6 billion US dollars.

According to DatamishTraders placed around 23,100 long contracts versus 10,300 short contracts. The majority of investors therefore do not expect the rally to end and bet on a rising Bitcoin price.