With the arrival of a new stimulus package in the United States, Changpeng Zhao notes that Bitcoin is a better economic stimulus.

Recently, it was announced that a bipartisan agreement in the U.S. Congress will lead to the launch of a new $900 billion stimulus package. This will allow millions of American citizens and businesses to receive new support in the midst of the crisis generated by COVID-19. However, for Changpeng Zhao in today’s Tweet it is clear that Bitcoin System review is the best economic stimulus:

Bitcoin fell after hitting record highs over the weekend

If Bitcoin were the stimulus

Without a doubt, the pandemic generated by COVID-19 has been the greatest economic catastrophe of recent times worldwide. In addition to the hundreds of thousands of deaths generated by the disease, we must add the worst recession since the 1929 crash, millions of unemployed and thousands of companies closing their doors.

There is no doubt then why governments have tried by all means to support their population economically. By creating multi-million dollar stimulus plans with which to avoid a humanitarian crisis that would add to the already terrible economic crisis. An effort of which the latest $900 billion package approved in the United States is part.

The growth in its price makes Bitcoin the best stimulus. Source: CoindeskPrice growth makes Bitcoin the best stimulus.

Despite this, many within the crypto community have noted the flaws in these plans. Especially, a Twitter account called @BitcoinStimulus, which is in charge of keeping track of the $1,200 worth of stimuli given to each US citizen a few months ago, if that amount had been delivered to Bitcoin. This is an incredible $4,285, equivalent to a 257% increase. This was noted by Changpeng Zhao on his Twitter:

„Having #Bitcoin gives you more than a boost. It’s not investment advice, just what’s happened so far.

This comparison serves to show the progress Bitcoin has made over the past few months. And that they’ve allowed crypto-currency to generate yields far superior to those of virtually any financial asset.