• Arkham Intelligence offers a bounty of $46,000 worth of tokens for identifying FTX hacker
• Hackers stole over $415 million in cryptocurrencies from FTX in November 2022
• US Department of Justice opened a probe to identify the person behind the hack

Arkham Intelligence Offers Bounty for Identifying FTX Hacker

Blockchain analytics company Arkham Intelligence announced a bounty of 100,000 ARKM (the platform’s own tokens) for information about the identity of the hacker that compromised the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX. The bounty is worth more than $46,000. To claim it, participants must identify the hacker and deposit 10 ARKM as a measure to prevent spam submissions. If they provide correct information, their deposit will be returned.

FTX Suffered Losses Amounting to Over $415 Million

In November 2022, when FTX was undergoing collapse due to hacking activities, it lost over $415 million in cryptocurrencies. Despite investigations by United States Department of Justice no progress has been made in finding those responsible and some even suggested an inside job was involved. Users were warned against updating their smartphone applications with malware could be present.

Bounty for Information on Hacker Identity

Arkham Intelligence has now announced its own bounty for anyone who can provide credible evidence leading to identification of the hacker or hackers behind this crime. Participants need to submit research and public information supporting their conclusion before depositing 10 ARKM which will be refunded if they provide correct evidence regarding this case.

ChipMixer Used by Hacker

The hacker or hackers have also been using ChipMixer which may have ties with government authorities according to some theories surrounding this case. It is suspected that ChipMixer may have ties with government authorities though there are no concrete facts yet pointing towards such an involvement at present time .


FTX fell victim to one of the largest crypto hacks last year resulting in losses amounting to over $415 million in cryptocurrencies till date without any significant progress being made towards finding those involved despite investigations by US Department of Justice . In order to incentivize users , Arkham Intelligence has offered a bounty worth more than $46,000 worth of tokens , asking participants only to identify and provide context around their decision backed up with public information or research sources proving that their conclusion is correct .